International Food Limited


Taking Your Brand Around The World


International Expansion

Acting on behalf of the brands to provide a platform of supply chain support to their overseas franchise partners. The IFL range of services helps chains to:

  • Expand, replicate quality and scale their brands internationally

  • Ensure a managed supply of brand standard products of all categories building relationships with their franchise partners

  • Provide a strong financial platform to purchase products from the brands suppliers

  • Consolidate multiple supplier orders into single shipments consolidating and simplifying multiple currency transactions

  • Achieve compliance in ingredients , documentation and labelling to meet requirements for each country


International Restaurant Chains and their Franchisees

Relationships supporting franchisees to help them in unified supply chains for one or more chains they may be partnered with. IFL helps franchisees by :

  • Providing a central resource point for placing single orders of guaranteed brand standard proprietary products

  • Providing consolidated invoicing from multiple suppliers in UK and Europe

  • Ingredient checking and relabelling products to satisfy local import regulations

  • Sourcing all Health documentation, and supporting local compliance issues on preferential duties

  • Unified solutions for consolidations of orders for multiple brands

  • Managing logistical arrangements for all in house by cost effective shipments

  • Providing the financial platform for credit term relationships


Overseas Food Retailer Operations

IFL provide services to overseas retailers looking to execute supply chains on products they have either sourced themselves in UK &EU or require us to help them to source. The aim is to simplify the purchasing and supply of large numbers of SKU’s from multiple suppliers and to land them shelf ready in international markets in compliance with local regulations.

By nature of the higher end retail business the suppliers are often artisan or small businesses with no experience of export and IFL takes all responsibility for the process from the point of manufacture through the complex maze of international supply – landing the products in compliance with local regulations.


Assisting Manufacturers in Export

In these relationships IFL works on behalf of the manufacturers to fulfil export orders on their behalf by providing the tailored services to land product safely in each market to either their appointed distributors in country or to individual end user customers.

The fully managed supply chain allows manufacturers to achieve export sales and develop international business without the financial , administrative, logistical and regulatory complexities involved.