International Food Limited

Less Logistics, More Services

Helping Take Brands to New Places

IFL has been helping brands to grow their businesses on the international stage for many years. We support restaurant brands and their franchise partners launching in new countries, helping international retailers introduce new products to their customers and manufacturers to export their products globally.

From managed procurement programs through to in house global logistics, ingredient compliance, labelling, health documentation, customs compliance and much more – IFL have been providing trust, reputation and peace of mind whilst helping to protect brands great and small to achieve global growth and sustainable supply.


What We Can Do For You


International Expansion

Acting on behalf of the brands to provide a platform of supply chain support to their overseas franchise partners.


International Restaurant Chains and their Franchisees

Relationships supporting franchisees to help them in unified supply chains for one or more chains they may be partnered with.


Overseas Food Retailer Operations

IFL provide services to overseas retailers looking to execute supply chains on products they have either sourced themselves in UK &EU or require us to help them to source.


Assisting Manufacturers in Export

In these relationships IFL works on behalf of the manufacturers to fulfil export orders on their behalf by providing the tailored services to land product safely in each market.